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PARENTING 101 Because Kids Donít Come with Instructions


This is a “bookazine” for the most important job in the world for parents who truly have no time to read. With engaging pages laid out like a magazine, PARENTING 101 tells you how to survive from birth to way beyond five...and help your child thrive. It’s much more than a reference guide, it’s a comprehensive manual for caregivers new and seasoned. 438 pages
Yes, there are the expected topics of how to deal with:
crying, tantrums, toilet training; discipline; starting school; computer and television; holidays; sibling rivalry and on and on...
However, some of the unexpected highlights that make PARENTING 101 unique are:
• Why You Should Spoil Yourself Once a Day Without Fail
• Baby’s Body Language
• Getting Good at Good-Byes
• Sleep and How to Get Some
• The Special Language of Love
• If We Could Only Speak the Way We Want to Be Heard
• Baby Exercises and Massage
• The Special Power of Mealtime
• Spanking is Poor Discipline
• Praise vs. Encouragement
• Building a Functional Family
• Tips for Conflict Resolution
• How It Feels To Learn to Read
• The Importance of Play/Homemade Toys
• 40 Ways to Help Your Child Learn
• The Approval Trap
Unique and long-lasting, this book makes a great baby gift! It’s packed with information that every parent needs to know, and answers questions parents don’t even know they have about what’s important and what to do.
NURTURING with NUTRITION makes a great companion book, especially for new parents.


“Your book PARENTING 101 is my true ‘Go To’ Guide--what a wonderful gift for all parents!”

Kara Becker


“A gift of PARENTING 101 to new mothers is always a priority for me. This and her other books are timeless. The sensible ideas are well-organized and easily referenced. Dr. Melanie’s books are the only child raising books ever needed.”

Judith Cornell