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Are you looking for something to do with your child or class that’s quick and fun? These fingerplays and action songs are easy and a great learning tool as well. They’re free! No equipment necessary!
How many times have you wanted something to relieve your kids’ boredom or frustration in the car or bus, at the airport, on the plane, waiting in line or at a restaurant? Doing a few of these exercises will make a big difference! Changing an activity can change an attitude, making these activities extremely useful at transition times, quiet times and clean-up times in both school and home.
Dr. MELANIE’S 115 FINGERPLAYS and ACTION SONGS includes games for infants through first grade that help make vital brain connections. They help increase attention span, foster listening and verbal skills, promote the following of directions, develop auditory memory, improve body awareness and coordination, even prevent disruptive behavior.
These games are in easy-to-advanced order within each category, and you’ll find a helpful age guide at the bottom of each page.
Some fun categories are:
• Tickle Time
• Stretching
• Hands and Body Awareness
• Bathtime
• Loving and Hugging
• Balls
• Cheers
• Animals
• Walking, Jumping and Turning
• Circle Times
• Counting
• Doll Play
• Dressing
• Family
Spiral-bound to lie flat in your lap as you read and do the activities the first few times, this book is a great addition to home and school libraries. Your kids will be saying and doing these rhymes for a long, long time! Oh, and did we mention they’re fun?
LET’S PRETEND! makes a great companion book!