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LETíS PRETEND! The Why and How of Dramatic Play

“Now more than ever, kids need play in their lives! The increasing push for more rigorous and earlier academic achievement has left little or no time for free, unstructured play so to balance the stresses of learning basic foundation skills, we need to honor the great therapeutic value of dramatic play because it affords kids opportunities for studying human relationships, creativity and life practice. If we want to cultivate intelligence, we must foster pretending.”  Dr. Melanie
LET’S PRETEND! discusses why dramatic play is so important to healthy social-emotional development and is necessary information for parents, teachers and caregivers concerned about balancing their children’s stress with creativity. It includes what children learn from pretending, its forms, and ideas for fostering imagination.
Pretending is useful in acting out:
• aggressions and hostility
• bonding
• daydreams and fantasies
• disappointments and change
• empathy
• expectations and anticipation
• family dramas and playing house
• fears
• imaginary friends
• power and control (playing school)
• rebellion and revenge
• social functions (tea parties)
• thinking and problem-solving
• vicarious adventure and escape
The how portion of LET’S PRETEND! is devoted to jumpstarting dramatic play with lots of ideas for costumes, props, puppets, and dress-ups. This book is especially a “must have” for teachers of toddlers, preschoolers and schoolagers!
Dr. MELANIE’S 115 FINGERPLAYS and ACTION SONGS makes a great companion book!