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DISCIPLINE 101 - Because Kids Donít Come with Instructions


This is THE discipline book for parents who TRULY have no time to read. Written with the belief that it’s better to read to your children rather than spend your precious time reading about them, this book is rich in ideas, yet lean in words.
If you’re confused and frustrated about discipline, you’re not alone. Kids not doing what you want? Too much yelling going on? Backtalking, whining, defiance? You’re experiencing the same challenges as all other parents. Discipline is the most difficult issue parents face. It’s not easy, but it can be simple. The right kind of discipline can help children want to cooperate and want to behave.
Divided into four simple steps, categorized into age groups, and written concisely, DISCIPLINE 101 gives practical tips that can be used...cradle to college....immediately to experience daily successes. A Playsheet gives you the opportunity to check how much of what you read you remember. Tear-out pages reinforce the 52 Tips of the Week. Post them on your refrigerator to help you remember to apply what you’ve read.
Learn how to:
• Talk so your kids will listen
• Set limits so your kids will know what you expect
• Give choices so your kids will have more self-control
• Balance the family power for everyone’s happiness
Make the most important job in the world simpler and more fun with DISCIPLINE 101...because kids don’t come with instructions!



“I LOVE your DISCIPLINE 101 book. I read it cover to cover, and now [my husband] is reading it. Based on your suggestions, I’ve made changes and have seen some fantastic results!...It has been amazing. All this time I was speaking a foreign language to Dane and and I was getting so frustrated that he was not listening.”

Nancy Malko


“We LOVE the pull outs - we cycle your Dr. Melanie-izms on our refrigerator.”

Lisa Lusskin


“I read the book from front to back and it’s a whole new world at our house!....I never realized how ineffective “No” and “Don’t” are and how much we were using them. I can’t thank you enough.”

Jill Zobel