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Have you been looking for a book that answers all your feeding and nutrition questions and some you haven’t even thought of yet? This is the resource book that you will refer to over and over again infancy through school age.
Important chapters are:
• Breastfeeding (pumping; weaning; storage & more)
• Bottlefeeding (formula; nipples; weaning & more)
• Feeding All Babies (what & how much babies need to eat)
• Starting Solids (how to tell when you baby is ready; record page)
• Feeding Toddlers (what & how much toddlers need to eat; Survival Diet)
• Fast Foods (calorie guide & substitutions)
• Allergies (least & most allergenic foods; additives; reactions)
• Nutrition Basics (including reading labels)
• Body Image and Obesity (7 bad habits that contribute to overeating)
• Table Manners (expectations for each age)
• Restaurant Tips (Guide to Eating Out & Rescue Kit)
• The Picky Eater! (Do you have whine with dinner?; how to avoid power struggles)
• Menus (stuff kids will actually eat)
• Cooking with Your Child (good learning experience for language, science & math)
• Recipes (always requested!)
Just some of the highlights:
How to Tell If Your Child Is Dehydrated; Home Remedies for Digestive problems, 6 Common Mistakes Parents Make about Food; 10 Best Snacks for Kids; 11 Best Foods for Kids.
PARENTING 101 makes a great companion book, especially for new parents

“I work in a WIC program in Kansas and recently purchased your NURTURING WITH NUTRITION. ...What a wonderful collection of information for parents!”

Barbara Herman, RD, LD


“I’m a registered dietician and I love your book NURTURING WITH NUTRITION! The recommendations are very useful and on target.”

Lynn Cicero, MS, RD