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25, Jun 2016

Babies can be affected by the toxic fumes in dry cleaning. Take plastic bags off clothes, and allow them to vaporize before wearing. Dried, spilled chemicals on cupboard floors can be reactivated by a saliva-soaked hand and ingested when Baby’s hand goes into his mouth. Scrub your cabinets after you empty them of hazards.

By pretending, children are able to: • act out real life or imaginary roles playing alone or with other children without the accompanying stress of responsibility • stimulate and express their thinking, creativity, and imagination by manipulating and rearranging their environments and experiences • escape from the limits of being little, weak, or naive • […]

“I like those colors.” “You must have worked hard on that.” “Tell me about your picture.” A non-judgmental yet enthusiastic attitude promotes creativity as well as a positive self-image.    

Say “do” instead of “don’t.” “Do” sentences (or those in the positive form) give your child a better idea of what behavior you expect. Example: “Don’t run” gives child no alternative, but “We walk in the house, running is for outside” will let your child know what to do instead. “Don’t jump on the bed” […]

Kids need alone time!

18, Apr 2011

….unstructured, unplanned, unorganized alone time…to relax, to daydream, to just plain think…. Too often we overschedule kids into activities without thinking about the added stresses this may create. Somehow we got the notion that WE are responsible for our kids’ happiness. So we give kids videos, babysitters, classes, sports, i-gadgets, computers, field trips or some […]

Speaking is the most powerful way in which we influence children and their behavior. Words have strong meanings to children. They take our words literally. Words are fleeting, yet the damage they inflict can often be irreparable, while the benefits they produce can be permanent. Imagine speaking the words your kids understand and getting the […]

We have a habit of asking, “okay?” at the end of a direction. Do you say any of these? “Wash your hands now, okay?” “We’re going in the car, okay?” “Finish your dinner now, okay?” “It’s time to take your bath, okay?” “Time for bed, okay?” “Mommy’s going to work now, okay?” If you are […]

1. Baby may cry more the second week of life than the first. Now recovered from birthing, Baby has learned that crying gets action! PARENTING 101 p. 1-3 2. Always feed a hungry baby. PARENTING 101 p. 5-2 3. 100% of Baby’s nutrition comes from his breastmilk/formula the first 6 months of  life. The second six […]

Fear. Fear is the basis of all stress. Parents’ stress is basically being afraid of not knowing what to do, how to handle (read: control) their kids. Fear manifests as frustration, concern, worry, guilt, tension, anxiety, anger and more. Parents are frustrated over their kids’ misbehavior, concerned about their kids’ learning and worried about their […]

The more in power we feel, the better we feel about ourselves. Bullying compromises, even denies, a person’s individual power. Kids especially feel powerless against a bully and, as a result, their self-esteem plummets. This imbalance of power may be teasing (verbal), taunting (emotional) or terrorizing (physical). It may take place on the playground or […]