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Having one large, centrally located family calendar is important for many reasons: • it recognizes the importance of the individual while fostering a sense of belonging to the family unit • it teaches organizational skills • it helps develop empathy for others’ needs • it allows everyone to “see” the passage of time You may […]

What is bad parenting?

13, Oct 2010

What is bad parenting? Everybody has their own idea of what constitutes “bad parenting.” Some think bad parenting is: • emotional, physical or verbal abuse • conditional love or showing no love at all • not paying attention to their children • being too strict or too permissive • misunderstanding misbehavior • not recognizing that […]

The worst mistake parents make is, arguably, putting their children ahead of their adult relationship. When the children come first, the marriage ultimately suffers and it eventually causes the family to fall apart. Parents need to connect and reconnect on an adult level without their kids. Parents need time alone with each other whether it’s […]