What is the common source of parenting stress?

14 Nov

Fear. Fear is the basis of all stress. Parents’ stress is basically being afraid of not knowing what to do, how to handle (read: control) their kids.

Fear manifests as frustration, concern, worry, guilt, tension, anxiety, anger and more.

Parents are frustrated over their kids’ misbehavior, concerned about their kids’ learning and worried about their grades. They feel guilty about not spending time with their kids and not being able to give them what they want. They are tense about their children being liked and accepted by others, they are anxious about where their kids are and with whom. They are angry about their kids’ bad manners.

These stressors can cause parents to lose sleep which causes lack of patience, which causes negative reactions to children’s naturally immature behaviors.

Stress comes from fear and fear comes from feeling out of control.

What stresses you? What can you do about it?

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