10 Things No One Ever Tells New Parents

31 Jan

1. Baby may cry more the second week of life than the first. Now recovered from birthing, Baby has learned that crying gets action! PARENTING 101 p. 1-3

2. Always feed a hungry baby. PARENTING 101 p. 5-2

3. 100% of Baby’s nutrition comes from his breastmilk/formula the first 6 months of  life. The second six months, 75% of his nutrition STILL comes from his breastmilk/formula. PARENTING 101 p. 5-3

4. Wiping Baby’s gums after feedings with a dry washcloth over your finger keeps milk from pooling in mouth, and gets Baby used to your fingers in his mouth for later dental hygiene. PARENTING 101 p. 2-37

5. Putting Baby on her tummy often during waking hours helps her develop much needed neck and shoulder strength. Even if she doesn’t like it, she needs it. PARENTING 101 p. 2-42

6. When Baby’s feet are cool and her tummy’s warm, she’s okay; when her feeet and her tummy are cool, she’s too cool. PARENTING 101 p. 1-7

7. Dads are for play and pleasure. Moms are for food and comfort. Babies know this!

8. 3 big mistakes new parents make: not getting sleep; not getting help; not getting out. PARENTING 101 p. 2-19

9. Clockwise tummy massage relieves trapped gas pain, balancing Baby on a 24″ slightly deflated beachball works too. PARENTING 101 p. 5-5

10. Biggest mistake parents make is putting their kids ahead of their marriage.  Date Night is a must.

More information can be found in Dr. Melanie’s book PARENTING 101: Because Kids Don’t Come With Instructions.

What is something else that no one ever told YOU?

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