When it’s not okay to say “…okay?”

16 Feb

We have a habit of asking, “okay?” at the end of a direction.
Do you say any of these?
“Wash your hands now, okay?”
“We’re going in the car, okay?”
“Finish your dinner now, okay?”
“It’s time to take your bath, okay?”
“Time for bed, okay?”
“Mommy’s going to work now, okay?”

If you are guilty of asking questions like these, are you asking permission of the child? I don’t think so. Each of these questions gives your child the chance to say “NO, it’s not okay. I refuse. I’ll do the opposite.”
Why express this as a choice when there really isn’t a choice?
You leave yourself wide open for defiance!
What would yo do if your child said, “No, it’s not okay.”

It’s just a bad habit!

Drop the okay and make a statement:
“Wash your hands now.”
“We’re going in the car.”
“Finish your dinner now.”
“It’s time to take your bath.”
“Time for bed.”
“Mommy’s going to work now.”

Give your child a clear, concise message. Tell your child what you expect…before you expect it.
It’s a lot easier for children to follow directions when there isn’t a “get-out-of-doing-it clause.” No “…okay?” when it isn’t a choice.

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