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25, Jun 2016

Babies can be affected by the toxic fumes in dry cleaning. Take plastic bags off clothes, and allow them to vaporize before wearing. Dried, spilled chemicals on cupboard floors can be reactivated by a saliva-soaked hand and ingested when Baby’s hand goes into his mouth. Scrub your cabinets after you empty them of hazards.

By pretending, children are able to: • act out real life or imaginary roles playing alone or with other children without the accompanying stress of responsibility • stimulate and express their thinking, creativity, and imagination by manipulating and rearranging their environments and experiences • escape from the limits of being little, weak, or naive • […]

“I like those colors.” “You must have worked hard on that.” “Tell me about your picture.” A non-judgmental yet enthusiastic attitude promotes creativity as well as a positive self-image.    

Say “do” instead of “don’t.” “Do” sentences (or those in the positive form) give your child a better idea of what behavior you expect. Example: “Don’t run” gives child no alternative, but “We walk in the house, running is for outside” will let your child know what to do instead. “Don’t jump on the bed” […]