What is the worst parenting mistake parents make?

4 Oct

The worst mistake parents make is, arguably, putting their children ahead of their adult relationship. When the children come first, the marriage ultimately suffers and it eventually causes the family to fall apart. Parents need to connect and reconnect on an adult level without their kids.

Parents need time alone with each other whether it’s a weekly Date Night or a special time set aside daily for quality communication. Kids need to know that their parents are important to each other and witness the appropriate displays of affection that accompany a loving relationship.
Parents are children’s first and most significant role models for marriage and family life. Date Night is not only important for parents, but for their children as well!

How do you explain that Mommy and Daddy are going out alone or just need alone time at home?

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Alberta Messer

March 23rd, 2011 at 6:18 PM

Now trying to get that message across to one of my daughter-in-laws.
Miss you! Always appreciate your “pearls” of wisdom!
Take Care,

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