Why is a calendar important to family discipline?

13 Oct

Having one large, centrally located family calendar is important for many reasons:
• it recognizes the importance of the individual while fostering a sense of belonging to
the family unit
• it teaches organizational skills
• it helps develop empathy for others’ needs
• it allows everyone to “see” the passage of time

You may be saying, I keep a calendar in my phone/computer etc… and my spouse does as well. That’s fine, but it doesn’t show the family’s plans as a whole and no one else can see it. Children play no part in a personal calendar.

A family calendar, on the other hand, displayed prominently in a common area, whether erasable, color-coded, or with pictures or stickers teaches the importance of planning and keeps all family members on track and on time! It says, “We work together…I’m important, you’re important…Our activities are important.”

Do you have a family calendar?
What does it look like?
How does it work for you?

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