Styles of Parenting

28 Sep

Each of us has a distinct style of parenting. Although it may change from time to time or situation to situation, one will definitely stand out as a primary style. Not sure which style is yours? Just ask your child, but be prepared for the answer!

The 5 Styles of Parenting are:
1. angry parenting
2. controlling parenting
3. permissive parenting
4. wishy washy parenting
5. fair, firm and fun parenting

What is your current parenting style?
Do you like it? Do you want to change it?
To which one do you aspire?
Which one is the hardest on the child?*

You were raised by parents who each favored one of these styles, thereby influencing not only your life in a major way, but your own parenting skills today. You either copied or rejected their styles. Parenting style match-ups are as interesting and complex as astrological pairings!

What were your parents’ styles? What parenting skill did you copy from them–positive or negative? How did your parents handle sibling rivalry?

* Answer: wishy washy–the child never knows what to expect (for example: a hit or a hug).

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